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Products and services

Apex Automation and Robotics provides customers with innovative automation solutions across different industry sectors.

These complete turnkey systems are developed by our engineering team from concept to production including mechanical and electrical design, PLC and Robot programming and risk assessment.

   > Robotic cells

   > Automation systems

   > Plastics industry

   > Machine vision and laser scanning systems

   > RFID applications

Whether you want to automate an entire plant, or improve a section of your manufacturing process,
Apex Automation and Robotics have the expertise to provide you with the best and most economical

 automation and robotics


 TYPICAL SYSTEMSautomation and robotics

   - Robotic packing

   - Robotic palletising

   - Press tending robots

   - Automatic palletisers and depalletiser

   - Automatic assembly machines

   - Robot loading and unloading paint lines

   - Robot loading and unloading machine centre

   - High speed robotic pickers

   - Machine vision systems

   - Vision systems and laser scanners communicating with


   - Plastics

   - Foods and beverages

   - Metal manufacturing
   - Consumer products

   - Logistics and warehousing

   - Building products

   - Pharmaceuticals



The management team and all the personnel at Apex Automation and Robotics consider safety to be
an integral part of the business.
All our systems undergo stringent risk assessment at different
stages of the project; consequently, these systems are provided with safeguarding that conforms
to the relevant Australian Standards, in particular:

-AS 4024 - 2006: Safety of Machinery
-AS 4024.3301 - 2009: Robots for industrial environments - Safety requirements
-AS 1755 - 2000: Conveyors - Safety Requirements
-AS 3000: SAA Wiring Rules



Apex Automation and Robotics is committed to investing a portion of its revenue on R&D which is a vital part of the business. This has enabled our engineers to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and develop innovative machines to help the manufacturing sector meet the challenges of increasing production, reducing labour and improving OH&S.











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