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Dany Seif  BE Hons – Graduate Diploma of Management
General Manager

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Dany has more than 30 years experience in robotics and automation. His engineering career commenced
at the Nuclear Centre, Paris -
France where he worked as part of the team that designed and built the
superconductor solenoid for the LEP (Large Electron-Proton) accelerator.

For the last 30 years, Dany has been developing and managing factory automation solutions for different industry sectors including textile, food, metals, automotive, plastics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, solar cell manufacturing, building products, warehousing and logistics.

His list of achievements includes more than 100 projects ranging from dedicated modules to full production
lines with project value of up to $6M and varying from fixed high speed automation systems to flexible
robotic cells. These systems were installed in companies such as CSR, BHP, Visy, VIP, Bluescope Steel, Rheem, Pyrotek, IMI, BP, PGH bricks, Alcatel, Pacific Dunlop, Crane Copper, James Hardie, Gillette, Milliken...

Dany's vision for Apex Automation and Robotics is to bring forward the next generation of intelligent
robotic and automation solutions that were until recently not possible, by using the latest robotic technologies with 3D vision systems and AI.



Angelo Di Lorenzo  BE Hons
Technical Manager

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Angelo started his engineering career working on a process to purify ethanol, the world’s future renewable
energy source. He then moved on to the automotive industry working for Borg Warner on a new patented
limited slip differential that has been in mass production for Ford’s limited edition vehicles. Since then,
for the last 25 years, he has been in the robotics and automation environment.

He has successfully designed, integrated, programmed and installed more than 100 robots and machine vision systems. These robotic cells are in production in companies like Bluescope Steel, Kraft-Heinz, Dux manufacturing, Suntory, PGH, CSR, Capral, Amcor, Visy, Plaspak, Synergy Packaging, Caroma, Electrolux, Composite, Dorf and BOC gas... 

In addition to these robotic cells, Angelo has managed and installed turnkey automation projects for companies such  as TNT, Flomat , Reckitt Benkiser, Akropak, Rainsfords, Gradipore, James Hardie. One of his standout accomplishments was the development in 2001 of one of the first eye-hand coordination robots that uses a vision system to track and help hang product on an overhead conveyor of a paint line.

With his vast experience and exposure, Angelo brings diversity to the team. As Technical Manager, Angelo is committed to Apex Automation and Robotics being not only a reliable supplier but also a technology partner to our customers.









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