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Engineering team

The engineering team of Apex Automation and Robotics is comprised of qualified engineers
in the areas

Image    - Mechanical

    - Mechatronics

    - Electrical and Controls


They are highly skilled and motivated achievers with extensive experience in their fields. For each
application, our team works together to generate concepts and select the most suitable technologies
for the job.

Our creative mechanical engineers / project managers have gained a reputation in deriving the optimal
concept for each application. They turn this concept into a design - using AutoCAD or Inventor for 3D
design - and manage the project through the building stage until successful completion.

Our control engineers make it happen. With a wide experience in servo controls, fieldbus technology,
vision systems, laser scanners and PLC and robot programming, they are able to use the most suitable
technologies for each application. They are known for giving customers a high level of flexibility in their

Our software developers can write computer programs using C++, C# and Visual Basics.
This has enabled Apex Automation and Robotics to be a leader in our industry in the use of latest
technologies such as laser scanning, 3D vision systems and RFID. We have used these devices on
Ethernet networks using TCP/IP with a PC, PLC and robots and then developed PC software for the

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