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Automation systems

These are projects that Apex Automation and Robotics has delivered, specific to the
customer’s production, process or application.
They are systems designed to:

    - Reduce labour cost

    - Improve process efficiency and reliability

    - Improve quality

    - Increase production speed

    - Improve OH&S





Some typical projects are listed below:

    - Automatic assembly of parts

    - Automatic stacking and de-stacking of product

    - Automatic bundling and strapping of metal products

    - Plastic bottle collating and packing

    - Carton erecting, packing and sealing








      Automatic packer for plastic cups

      New automatic bagger for plastic bottles

      Automatic palletiser for plastic bottles

      Low level depalletiser

      Automatic machining centre for polymer sheets      

      Automatic palletiser

      New automatic depalletiser

      Automatic packer for aerosol caps

      Bottle palletising solution

      Automation solution for a pharmaceutical company

      Laser measuring solution

      Materials handling system

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