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Robots - Flexible Automation

Apex Automation and Robotics has gained a reputation of using the most suitable
technology for each application. Under “flexible automation” we have projects that
use industrial robots. These are systems that required:

    - Greater flexibility

    - Diversity of products

    - Complexity of movements

    - Variety of functions

    - Speed and accuracy






Typical projects are:

    - Single and multi-line robotic palletising

    - High speed robotic pickers

    - Robotic packing

    - Robotic loading to a paint line and to machining centres

    - 3D cameras and laser scanners communicating with robots to offer leading
      edge eye-hand co-ordination










      Press tending robot

      Robot for assembling water heaters

      Robotic palletiser for a leading food manufacturer

      Robot for packing plastic bottles

      Largest robot in Australia

      Robotic system for probes in a steel injection station

      Robot cell for strapping and palletising metal studs

      Robot with vision system

      New robot for packing plastic bottles


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