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Sunday, 07 February 2010

News Release

New Automatic Depalletiser from APEX Automation and Robotics

 Apex Automation & Robotics have installed and commissioned a new Automatic Depalletiser for plastic bottles of different shapes - including oval and square - that can run at a production rate of up to 8000 bottles/hr.

This Depalletiser removes the layers of bottles from a pallet and arranges them in a single file to feed the Filler, then automatically stacks the empty pallets and the layer pads.

The pallet is first loaded onto a powered chain conveyor. It moves to the Depalletising station where it is lifted up until the top layer is presented to the separation head. Each  layer of bottles is swept across by a 2-axis gantry, then a vacuum head is used to remove the layer pads and stack them.

The separated layer is dropped to the Filler level then transferred to a servo driven conveyor that indexes one row of bottles at a time. Each row is loaded onto the Filler conveyor by a 2-axis manipulator. When the pallet is empty, it is transferred to an Automatic pallet Stacker.

A set of light curtains with muting sensors at the pallet loading side, and another set in front of the pallet stacker ensure the system runs uninterrupted when loading and unloading pallets.

Unlike most similar machines that are tall and require bulky platforms and stairs for access, this new Depalletiser operates at an ergonomic level, and can be arranged to suit any factory layout.

Apex Automation & Robotics have developed a wide range of automatic machines to handle various sizes and shapes of plastic bottles, as well as robotic systems for complex packing and palletising configurations.  They are now one of the leading automation suppliers for the plastic industry.



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